How Do I Tell What Is The Best Indoor Electric Grill 2016?


Electric grills provide you with a healthy alternative to pan frying while at the same time help you cut time spent on cooking. They are a great addition to any kitchen since, unlike outdoor grills, they do not produce smoke which can be a great nuisance to the cook. Indoor electric grills are especially handy for those that live in apartments and housing designs that do not allow outdoor grilling or use of open flames. But what exactly makes the best indoor electric grill?

Size And Design

There are two main designs of indoor grills to consider, the contact grill which is similar to a Panini maker and a griddle. The contact grill is preferable since it cooks from both sides doing away with the need for you to keep turning the food. As for size, an electric grill with a medium to large cooking surface is ideal as it allows you cook both small and large meals. For added convenience, the best grill needs to have removable or interchangeable plates for easy cleaning and a variety of uses.


You cannot overlook the importance of safety around the kitchen. A good grill comes with extra features like the non-skid feet that prevent the appliance from standing loose on the counter top. If it is a contact grill, it should have a locking hatch that keeps it in a closed position even when stored upright. Additionally, the locking hatch is great when there are kids around as it protects them from accidental burns. A grease/drip tray is also an important addition as it will hold juices and greases from foods and prevent leaks that may ultimately lead to a fire.

Control Functions And Settings

Indicator lights are an essential to any electric grill as they let you know the surface is ready for use or has reached the requested temperature. A power switch is also necessary to allow you to turn the grill on and off for convenience when it is plugged in. To do away with guesswork you will appreciate the presence of temperature controls which may be calibrated or simply generalized as low, medium and high.

Construction And Materials

For the exterior, most grill models use metal or combine metal and hard plastic or silicone. But plastic parts threaten durability while the silicone parts are more durable and easy to clean, making the latter the best choice. As for the cooking surfaces, the best grill models will use non-stick and scratch resistant materials. Cast iron and cast aluminum are widely used and preferred since they distribute heat faster and are quite effective on all indoor grill designs. If the model has porcelain coating, then it gives you the extra advantage of cooking at high heat without burning food.

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