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Meco 9325 Deluxe Review

The Meco 9325 Deluxe Electric Cart Grill, Satin Black with Garnet Accent Band is a perfect electric alternative to the traditional charcoal or gas grills. As people begin to realize the cleanliness and efficiency of electric power, this grill is garnering more and more popularity. Its design resembles that of a classic gas grill. It comes with a number of unique features. First, the electric heating element can be moved so as to have either direct or indirect heating. It’s a versatile classic electric grill with a 3-position thermostat control.

It originated in China, by the Meco Corporation. This Satin Black electric grill is more popular in the United States than it is popular in its country of origin. This is because BBQ is a popular practice among Americans. It was once the domination of the gas and charcoal grills, but now it’s the electric grills taking the lead. Regardless of the size, this electric grill serves all the home grilling needs.

Let’s discuss the product specifications, pros, and cons of this grill. We shall also know why this small electric grill is a great purchase.


The product features include:

  • Color: Satin Black with a garnet accent band.
  • Size: 200 square inches of the grilling surface.
  • Total weight: 38 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 26.5 x 21 x 41 inches.
  • Branded by the Meco Corporation.
  • 1500-watt heating element.
  • Three Thermostat controls. Allows for low, medium, and high cooking temperatures.
  • Uses cast iron cooking plate in order to maximize the amount of grilling heat.
  • 3 heating element positions to allow for direct or indirect cooking. The third position is the vertical heating position for optional rotisserie cooking unit.
  • Reflector pan for heat saving.
  • Preassembled hood and bowl.
  • 2 wood side tables that are foldable.
  • Features a wire leg shelf to accommodate extra accessories that can’t fit on the foldable side tables.
  • One-year limited warranty from Meco Corporation.

What’s So Great About The Meco 9325 Deluxe?

  • Perfect alternative to gas or charcoal grills.
  • Doesn’t produce intense heat like some of the gas or charcoal grills.
  • Small size and powerful electric grill.
  • Energy efficient due to the small size and low wattage.
  • Adjustable heating element for 3 different cooking positions.

What’s Not So Great About The Meco 9325 Deluxe?

  • The drip pan is hard to reach. It also makes the grill clumsy, especially when cleaning.
  • The cooking grate is slopped and can allow foods to slide forward on the grill.
  • It’s slow to heat up because of the low wattage.

Is This A Great Purchase?

Meco 9325 Deluxe Electric Cart Grill is a great purchase because its design is very desirable. The grilling is generally ok despite a few issues raised when it comes to cleaning. The grilled food is delicious. The rotisserie option produces pretty and desirable results. As long as you are not grilling for a multitude, this electric grill is enough for you and your family.

The good news about Meco 9325 Deluxe Electric Cart Grill, Satin Black with Garnet Accent Band is that you can get the best quality at best prices. The quality is not questionable. This small Meco electric grill has really tried to be a good replacement for the real charcoal and gas grills.